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About Us.


Glen Schneer applies years of award winning knowledge and service in the intimate and swimwear industry. 

Converters, agents and distributors of a range of woven, knitted, flocked, printed, embossed and coated fabrics and trims for Swim, Intimate apparel and fashion


Representative to a collection of Mills from all four corners of the world. Each one has been cautiously screened by years and years of first hand interaction. We monitor all interaction with suppliers to ensure specifications right through sampling & production.

Sound advice and honesty has a primary seat in the ranks of service provided, just ask around... you’ll see.

Specializing in fabrics for Swimwear and Intimates we have fabrics you have never laid your eyes on and in addition, will cause an inspiration eruption so fierce you’ll want to design your next five years of product lines through La Lame, Inc.

Behind Our Scenes.
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